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The California Field Atlas
The California Field Atlas: Deluxe Edition
By Obi Kaufmann

Obi Kaufmann’s bestselling California Field Atlas presented a stunning new vision of California through hand-drawn maps, trail paintings, and reverential prose. Now available in a limited edition with a larger format and deluxe materials, Obi’s love letter to the Golden State is an indispensable collector’s item.

The Forests of California
The Forests of California
By Obi Kaufmann

In his trademark style, Obi Kaufmann illuminates the astonishingly interconnected species that form California’s forests. With lyrical prose and hundreds of sumptuous trail paintings, maps, and diagrams, he tells a story of ecosystems as beautiful as they are resilient.

Underland: A Deep Time Journey
By Robert Macfarlane

An epic exploration of the earth’s underworlds as they exist in myth, literature, memory, and the land itself—from prehistoric art in Norwegian sea caves, to the blue depths of the Greenland ice cap, to a deep-sunk “hiding place” for nuclear waste.

Sapiens: A Graphic History
By Yuval Noah Harari

The first of four volumes of the graphic adaptation of the #1 New York Times bestseller, this epic, beautifully illustrated book begins a radical reworking of the internationally best- selling phenomenon Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.

Decoding The World
Decoding the World: A Roadmap for the Questioner
By Po Bronson and Arvind Gupta

Find out where our world is headed with this dazzling first-hand account of inventing the future from the #1 NYT-bestselling author of What Should I Do With My Life? and the founder of science accelerator IndieBio.



Visual Encyclopedia
Visual Encyclopedia

Covering science, nature, space, history, the arts, technology, and more, this landmark piece of reference publishing offers a reliable, visually stunning, and family-friendly alternative to online information sources and is the perfect addition to any bookshelf or coffee table collection.


for Kids

Exploring the Elements
Exploring the Elements: A Complete Guide to the Periodic Table
By Isabel Thomas; Illustrated by Sara Gillingham  Ages 8+

Artful and accessible—the perfect introduction to chemistry for inquisitive minds. Graphically-stunning layouts feature each element's letter symbol and atomic number, exploring its attributes, characteristics, uses, and stories behind its discovery. The book’s jacket reverses to display the full periodic table!

Our World
Our World: A First Book of Geography
By Sue Lowell Gallion; Illustrated by Lisk Feng | Ages 2+

A beautiful read-aloud introduction to our planet and its ecosystems. Identify and experience the Earth's amazing geography through rhyming verse, lush illustrations, and detailed, curriculum-focused facts. Cover folds back securely with a magnetic closure to create a free-standing globe.


Kids Encyclopedia
Britannica All New Kids' Encyclopedia: What We Know & What We Don't
Edited by Christopher Lloyd | Ages 8+

Earth? Space? Animals? History? STEM? This beautifully illustrated, 416-page compendium of knowledge takes Britannica’s reputation for authentic, trustworthy information and provides hundreds of hours of fun learning—a must-have addition to every family bookshelf!

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021
National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021
By National Geographic Kids | Ages 8+

The latest installment of the NYT-bestselling almanac features brand-new amazing animal stories, explorer profiles, and outrageous attractions that kids know and love, plus inventions, games, and challenges for curious readers who want to learn all about the world and everything that’s in it.