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Hella Town
Hella Town: Oakland's History of Development and Disruption
by Mitchell Schwarzer

Hella Town reveals the profound impact of transportation improvements, systemic racism, and regional competition on Oakland’s built environment. Hella Town provides insight into Oakland's current conditions: an influx of new residents and businesses, skyrocketing housing costs, and a lingering chasm between the haves and have-nots.

Words of Change
Words of Change: Immigration
by Anik Khan

This vibrant collection of thought-provoking quotes offers readers understanding, personal stories, and inspiration in a beautiful package—a wonderful gift for new immigrants, first-generation Americans, and anyone seeking to honor, connect with, or grasp the immigration legacy of their ancestors.

Blood in the Water
Blood in the Water: A True Story of Small-Town Revenge
by Silver Donald Cameron

A brutal murder in a small maritime fishing community raises urgent questions of right and wrong, and even the nature of good and evil, in this masterfully told true story acclaimed by Margaret Atwood. A #1 International True Crime Bestseller!