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Fatal Sing: M/M Mpreg Romance (Paperback)

Fatal Sing: M/M Mpreg Romance Cover Image
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I had always been sexually deviant and adventurous while exploring myself. When my best friend Pedro invited me to a kinky palace for a blissful sexual encounter, I wasn't a fool to turn down the offer. As soon I entered the enchanted palace, I felt the pulsations in my nerves provoking me toward an enraptured euphoria. I experienced with five masculine hunks what spring always does with cherry leaves. The yearning of their bodies itched my skin. It corrupted my senses like an incurable plague. I craved for their touch and hungered to be ripped apart from my limb. I thought I would be satisfied with one. But never thought my thirst would become so unquenchable. So, I took on the nest one, then another... My uncontrollable hunger for their sensitive touch proved to be too much. When they touched my body, it sent my body quivering into a utopia of sensual feelings as I quivered relentlessly encountering my deviant side. With them, it was rough, it was wild, it was harsh...But I loved how they treated me...How their hands explored my body...How my tongue danced on their skin...How we rode to the zenith of ecstasy in ecstasy... Just when I thought the game was about to be over, Pedro introduced me to the man of the hour. Oh, then, only then I understood all we did was a warm-up game... Dive with me to the euphoric delights of ecstasy that would take you to a sensual bliss...

Product Details
ISBN: 9781802174373
ISBN-10: 1802174370
Publisher: Red Coleman
Publication Date: April 13th, 2021
Pages: 40
Language: English