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Fatal Approach: Their Gaze, Her Love and the First Lady (Paperback)

Fatal Approach: Their Gaze, Her Love and the First Lady Cover Image
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We all have fantasies that we wish could come to life. Some are strange desires though so we know they can't happen in our real world but we still think about them, if presented with the opportunity to fantasize about them

That's what this book aims to achieve; push the your customer's fantasies of what's possible so that he gets a peek of the fantasies that are deeply embedded in his mind

*Book bundle from the Series "A Lifetime of Premiered Stories" that has sold 57.231 copies in February 2021 in the US*

Your customer will find:

 Tens of Adult Stories Help unleash your customer's his fantasies

 A Selection of Premiered Stories

 Masterfully Crafted Storylines Slowly build-up tension up to an explosive moment of ultimate pleasure

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781801849432
ISBN-10: 1801849439
Publisher: Oysters & Dark Chocolate
Publication Date: April 5th, 2021
Pages: 82
Language: English