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The Crane Diaries: Dirty Blood (Paperback)

The Crane Diaries: Dirty Blood By Apryl Baker Cover Image
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Deep in the swamps of the Louisiana bayou, a horrifying secret lies waiting to be discovered.A legend haunts the bayou, a chilling tale of a beast that is born from a curse...the Rougarou.When Emma Rose Crane lets hunter Cass Willow convince her to help him on a ghost hunt, she never imagined she'd be trudging through the swamps, let alone stumbling upon a mess of mangled bodies-or running into the creature responsible for the rotting remains.With no backup available to them, she's forced to show Cass her demonic side to help them escape, but that's not the only problem. When the creature attacked them, it infected them with the same curse that drove it mad. There's only one hope-kill the beast to cure the infection.Time is not on their side as they race to save themselves and discover the truth behind the legend. But first they have to survive the effects of the curse long enough to find the creature and put it down... Before they succumb to the hunger eating them alive.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781640344914
ISBN-10: 1640344918
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC
Publication Date: December 12th, 2018
Pages: 332
Language: English