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Farell: Hot Romance Erotica (Paperback)

Farell: Hot Romance Erotica Cover Image
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It's a stroke of luck, and the postman's confusion, that Michael Farrell's life was spared. It was a shock to discover his neighbor's decapitated body, whose last name, coincidentally, was also Farrell. Further investigation reveals that the two assassins meant to kill Mike but killed the wrong Farrell. A case of mistaken identity. Knowing he was the real target, Mike, a skilled field operative, decides to hunt down his assailants before they got to him first. Amidst the attempts on his life and the chaos, Mike finds comfort in one strong-willed woman, Mary O'Connor. This time, it isn't about survival or self-preservation. It is about love. And Mike will do anything to come home to his loved one alive, even if it means getting blood on his hands... SAMPLE 1: I found the key in the same place that I had put it and we went into the kitchen and began putting away the food. We spent a pleasant afternoon on the settee, talking in between kisses and of us having intimacy again, learning more about each other and then found that night had fallen. I'd rigged up a storm lantern in the kitchen and she positively glowed under its soft light as she prepared dinner for us and as I sat there to watch her, realised how lucky I was to have found such a girl down here in my own back yard as it were. I cannot remember what the meal was but it went down very well with a bottle of wine and we were soon in bed to show each other at just how much in such a short time, we had come to have this love between us. Going into the sixty nine position first as a prelude to me turning round and entering that lovely heat of her inside body. I loved that smooth and silky feel of her vagina that my pole moved in, feeling her internal muscles flexing all along the length of my shaft. Then to have her legs grip me tight across my waist and back as she began her orgasm. Bucking me about on top, striving to stay there, not being able to push myself harder into her as she screamed and let go of her orgasm. This triggered me to send out my seed and had the fleeting hope that she was taking the pill, but it was somewhat a bit late to be thinking of that at this time. It wasn't till after we had made love for the second time that we finally, exhausted, fell asleep in each other's arms. SAMPLE 2: It was when I was trying to get her skirt off of her body, she lifted herself up to help and it was with this movement of hers that made us both roll off the settee and onto the rug on the floor. We both gurgled at this and I just loved the way her breasts moved at this and she kept the grin on her face as I managed to get her skirt off and found that she wasn't wearing any panties after all. I had to stand up to get my trousers off as she sat up and took off her blouse. Her eyes didn't leave off looking at me and her smile got even wider when my erection sprang free from my trousers as they came down. I had to sit down on the settee for a moment to get them off from my feet, my erection really throbbing now at the prospect of putting it inside that beautiful body that was now spread out on the rug before me.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781627619745
ISBN-10: 1627619747
Publisher: Blvnp Incorporated
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2014
Pages: 90
Language: English